About Us

Welcome To Our Organization


• To support Muslim High School current students in the Gambia materially and morally, by empowering them with service leadership skills, such as accountability, discipline, humility, integrity, and the Islamic teaching of good character.
• To minister the poor, the destitute and the marginalised members of our immediate community in the Gambia and to extend our goodwill and material support throughout the Gambia community.
• To practice our culture and traditions in peace and harmony within the Gambia and around the world about the Gambia good values.
• To promote a positive face of Islam through our behaviour and in our relationship with our fellow human beings, regardless of religion, creed, ethnicity, nationality or tribes.
• To organise conferences, workshops and other such educational events that aim to promote the teaching of our culture, languages to the wider The Gambain community.
• To achieve our objectives this is purely for general charitable purpose.


Our Mission

The mission of the ORGANISATION is to complement the effort of the Gambia government, NGOs and Philanthropies in the attainment of the National and global development blueprints.