Sainey Manneh

Sainey Manneh

Class Name S Class
House Name Kerr Samba
Student Type National
Student Role High Jump & 800m,Class Prefect,1st_Assist Head Boy,School Team Captain
Current Location
Year Enrolled 1975
Year Graduated 1981
Highest Education BSc Town Planning
Current Occupation Pubic Service
Membership Type Pioneer

                                                                Education and Work Experiance

1 Bachelor's degree in Town Planning Studies, University of Central England,  Birmingham 1991;

2. Postgraduate degree at the international institute Enschede, Holland 1994;

3, Diploma in Environmental management, Galleli College,  Israel 1998 ; 

4. Certificate courses:

Urban and Regional development UN Headquarters in Nairobi;

Certificate course in Public Administration in Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia;

Certificate course in land tenure policies Taiyuan,  Taiwan. 

My year of enrolment at Muslim high school was 1974 and not 75

Former Director of Physical Planning and Housing from 2000 to 2005.

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